The monetary value of the Nobel Prize is growing

The monetary value of the Nobel Prize is rising

The Nobel Foundation has announced that this year’s Nobel laureates will receive one million crowns (104,000. euros) more from scientists honored in previous years. The total will be nine million crowns (940. thousand. euro).

By 2011, the value of the Nobel Prize was 10 millionóin the crown, but problems related to the financial crisis forced the Nobel Foundation authorities to reduce the value of the prize by 20 percent. But the value of the prize has changed throughout historyów. The first Nobel Prize winners in 1901 received 150,000. kroner, which was roughly equivalent to today’s 8.4 million kroner.

„We are pleased to announce that we have raised an amount one million kroner higher for the laureatóin awards. Nobel Prize stands for science, humanism and wspóinternational cooperation. While questioning the knowledge and factów values are more important than ever” – read on the Nobel Foundation website.

With the financial crisis, an austerity program was introduced at the Foundation itself. „We have implemented a program to strengthen financialóat the Nobel Foundation. Although further action is still required, the current financial situation is stable” – read more.

The Nobel Foundation was founded in 1900 and represents the last will of a Swedish industrialist and inventor of dynamite – Alfred Nobel. According to his will, the foundation manages the industrialist’s estate and pays financial awards for outstanding scientific and literary achievements and for contributions to societies and humanity.

The names of this year’s winnersów Nobel Prizes will be announced starting October 2. We will be the first to know the new Nobel laureatesóin the field of physiology or medicine. On October 3, the physics prize will be awarded, and the day póThe pupils from the chemistry. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on October 6, and on the 9th the name of the winner in economics will be announced. No date has yet been set for the announcement of the literary laureate.

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