Stephen Hawking we are seeing a global revolt against experts

Stephen Hawking: we are seeing a global revolt against experts

Stephen Hawking appeared as a hologram in a Hong Kong auditorium. Hawking has suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for years, które has led to the paralysis of almost his entire body. He was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 21. Doctors gave him no chance of living to his 25th birthday. Now 75 years old. Because of this, I do not podróHe travels the world with lectures.

Oprócz answers to questions about podrólives to other planets and black holes, also devoted some attention to the increasingly present phenomenon of denying scientific achievements. Odnióforemost, it is to the reluctance of someórich world leadersów to accepting climate change and following the recommendations of scientistsów regarding environmental protection.

Photo from the Hong Kong meeting showing Hawking’s hologram

Astrophysicist stressed that the election of theór Donald Trump‘s presidential bid Stanóin the United States will have serious consequences for the future of science, innovation and scientific discovery. – Brexit or Trump show that we are witnessing a global revolt against experts – said the scientist.

He added that this global revolt comes at a time when the world is on the verge of serious crisesów related to the environment – From deforestation to climate change. – The answer to these problems will come from science and technology – assessed Hawking.

The meeting with the scientist was organized by NetDragon Websoft, a Hong Kong-based company thatóra deals with mobile applications and online games with the support of theóhe has been working with ARHT Media, whichóra in turn develops hologram projection technology.

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