Egypt discovered catacombs containing 17 mummies

Egypt: catacombs containing 17 mummies have been discovered

The find was made in the necropolis of Tuna El-Gebel. The site has been known to researchers since 1931, but the catacombs containing numerous corridors are largely unexplored. Coins, lamps and richly decorated sarcophagi were found in the three-kilometer-long tomb. Remains of ceramic vessels and several ancient manuscripts were also foundów.

The discovered mummies are almost intact and did not belong to any of the kr familiesóleft. In addition to human mummies, mummified animal bodies were also found. Authorities reported that it „unprecedented discovery”. – This is the first human necropolis found in central Egypt with so many mummies – Egyptologist Salah al-Kholi said at a press conference.

The necropolis of Tuna El-Gebel has so far been known as the site of a burialówku animals. Thousands of falcon mummies have been found in the catacombsów, a baboon ofów and ibisów. It is located near the city of Al.-Minja nearly 300 kilometersóin the south of the Egyptian capitals – Cairo.

The mummies have not yet been dated, but archaeologists estimate that they date back to the P Eraó┼║na (664–332 p.n.e.) or from the Greek Age (332–30 p.n.e.). The excavations are in the early stages and it is very likely that more mummies will be found.

The discovery of the catacombs is one of a series of recent achievements by archaeologistsów. A few days ago, the Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery of a burial chamber belonging to a cóPharaoh’s rki. The find was made in the remains of a hitherto unknown pyramid in Dahshur. We write more about the finding in the text: Egypt: a burial chamber belonging to c has been discoveredóPharaoh’s rki.

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