A pot of gold coins from 1,500 years ago found at a construction site

Pot of gold coins from 1,500 years ago found at construction site

Gold coins were found inside a stone vessel while working on a fire tank. The treasure was encountered around póone and a half meters below ground level. The vessel, whichóre through the 15th centuryów remained untouched cracked during earthworks, exposing the gold coins.

Almost immediately after the discovery of the gold, archaeologists arrived at the site, followed shortly after by carabinieri, whoóers escorted the treasure to a laboratory in Milan for thorough analysis. Italy’s culture minister called the find „unusual discovery” In one of the statements released about the treasure.

The coins date back to the 4th and 5th centuries AD – This is the declining period of the Roman Empire. They are preserved in excellent condition. Archaeologists do not know why the treasure was buried underground or who deposited it. Although they have some indicationówki.

The town of Como, called Novum Cumom in ancient times, lies on the current Italian-Swiss border. Around 200 years p.n.e. Romans made a fortress out of the settlement that was there. In those days there were houses of several rich people, and in 1870 a private Cressoni theater was built on the site of one of them, converted póLater in the cinema.

The cinema screened its last movie in 1997, after which it was równane with earth. Now a construction company is building luxury residences there. It was during the works at the site of the old theater that the find was made.

– We do not yet know the detailsóhe historical and cultural significance of the find. The discovery fills me with pride – said Alberto Bonisoli, Minister of Culture, during a press conference at which theórej was shown 27 gold coins.

The images on the coins depict several róemperors: Honorius, Valentinian III, Leo I and Libius Severus. Italian media estimate that the coins could be worth millions of euros, although the actual value has not yet been estimated. The media also report that a worker whoóry came across the treasure can receive 25 percent. value of the find. The same amount can be counted on by the owner of the landów and it’s all legal.

Currently, the coins are being pulled out one by one so as not to further damage the stone vessel, but the gold bar inside can be seen. Archaeologists predict that at the bottom of the pot they will find even more valuable objects.

The coins were stacked in rolls similar to those we might see in a bank. – All this makes it likely that the owner was not a private entity. Perhaps the treasure belonged to a bank or was a public depository – said Maria Grazia Facchinetti, an expert on rare coins.

Facchinetti’s theory is supported by the fact that the old theater is located right next to the city’s forum – a place where theórym merchants, banks and temples conducted their business in ancient times.

Construction work has stopped and is expected to be replaced by excavation work.

SourceóSource: Live Science, fot. Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

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